Mobile is now Mainstream

Mobile has grown to become a mainstream marketing solution for businesses of all sizes.

Consumer adoption of smartphones and tablets is now ubiquitous and many people use a mobile device to simplify their day to day activities. These activities include things like shopping , mobile banking, maps, text messaging and voice calls.

As a business competing in today’s mobile world you need to connect with your customers quickly and easily via their smartphones. Presenting a mobile-friendly face to your customers is crucial.

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NZTag makes it Easy for Mobile customers to connect with you.,, search telecom … fine if you are on a Desktop PC with a full keyboard

But for Mobile users, web addresses are a pain. Hard to type, Hard to remember … you’ve just missed a potential customer.

Mobile customers want to contact you now, right now. If you make it Hard for them, they just won’t bother.

NZTag is designed to be easy for Smartphone users to connect to your site.
NZTag Product Image

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Mobilize your business with goMobi

Most websites dont’t work well on a mobile phone!

They’re slow to load, hard to view and don’t offer the right kind of experience for on-the go customers. That’s why you need a goMobi mobile website.

The goMobi easy Setup Assistant puts you in charge of your site, it only takes minutes to get started, and can be updated anytime. goMobi is the most effective way to engage your mobile customers!

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