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CASPA goMobi Site

CASPA provide children aged five to 13 years old, with a before-school, after-school and holiday programme experience they enjoy.

CASPA goMobi mobile website

Many parents are on the go all the time, juggling childcare and work tasks is just part of a normal day for them. The smartphone or mobile phone plays a big part in coordinating and keeping the day on schedule.

Tania Moriarty is the Managing Director of CASPA. Tania noted that smartphones are a common sight amongst the mothers and fathers of children enrolled in CASPA.

Tania sees goMobi as great way to put essential CASPA information right in the parents hands. The click to call feature pre-dials the number for them. Maps guide them to the right location, Programme and Policy information are all just a tap away.

Satisfied parents can easily share the CASPA site with others via the Tell A Friend feature. Referrals are a powerful tool and goMobi makes it easy for parents to spread the word amongst their peers about CASPA.

We enjoyed creating the custom buttons from images supplied by Tania. They reinforce the fun activity-based nature of the CASPA programmes.

You can view the CASPA goMobi site on a smartphone, tablet or desktop device.


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