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Thanks for your interest in the GS GoMobi Redirector plugin for WordPress.
If you have a goMobi mobile website and a full-size WordPress website then this plugin will detect mobile visitors to your WordPress site and automatically redirect them to your goMobi site.

Latest Version

[edit] This plugin is now available via the official WordPress Plugin Directory.

The latest release version is v1.0 packaged as [MD5:f21cde1d22a02a46d155d028a4a9001a]
You can manually install by unzipping this file into the wp-content/plugins directory of your WordPress website OR you can upload and install it via the WP dashboard Plugins panel (Add New / Upload)


We were pleased to see goMobi 1.7 introduce a WordPress plugin option to their mobile-redirection tools. Upon closer inspection of the plugin we note that it uses the Javascript redirection method which is the least-preferred option. A server-side redirect mechanism is the preferred option. In the case of WordPress this is PHP based.

As a number of our goMobi customers use WordPress for their full-size websites we elected to build a WordPress plugin based on the official PHP redirect code generated by the goMobi Site Builder tool.

We have released this plugin as a open-source solution for the goMobi community.


This plugin is supported on a best effort basis. This plugin is in daily use on our own website along with our customer sites so we are eating our own dogfood so to speak. Any issues we find will be fixed and the plugin updated.

You probably chose WordPress because of it’s flexibility and extensibility. Much of this flexibility is enabled via plugins. Sometimes plugins dont’ play nicely together.  If you experience issues with this plugin, give us some detail of the problem you are seeing and we’ll try to help. Your feedback will help improve the plugin over time.


Creation and ongoing support of this plugin requires time and skill. If you find this plugin helps you achieve the goal for your website then please consider buying us a beer via the following link.


Thanks for your support.

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