Why Mobile?

Todays customers are Mobile … and internet connected. They want information in their hands right here, right now and in a mobile-friendly format.

If it is too hard to find the information they need, the customer will just give up and move on.

Your full-size website may look great on a desktop PC but this does not mean it will work on a mobile device.

For example, websites that use Flash do not display correctly on iPhone/iPad devices or on common versions of Android.

When reviewing your own website’s suitability for mobile, check how easy it is for the customer to find your phone number, location and other vital details about your business. Does the customer have to Zoom in and slide the page around on their screen in order to find stuff?

Is it easy for them to tap a link on your web page … without accidentally hitting the wrong link?

Our preferred solution for this problem is goMobi which gives you a mobile-optimized website that works alongside, or in conjunction with your existing full-size website.

Your mobile website needs to be fast-loading and deliver your vital business information (Contact,Location,Products) in a easy to use format.

goMobi delivers this for the customer with Text that is easy to read, Large Buttons that are easy to tap plus a range of other features that work well for the mobile user.

goMobi provides a range of pre-defined colour schemes and icon sets to choose from and using these it is possible to build a basic goMobi website in a matter of minutes.

New ways of connecting

You may have seen these funny barcodes popping up around the place; on posters, billboards and print advertising. They are called QR Codes. A Smartphone user can scan these codes using the camera on their phone. The user is then directed to a Website or Webpage without having to type in long error-prone website addresses (URL’s).

Some time ago we developed our NZTag product which enabled customers to connect to a website using a single word. As QR Codes became increasingly visible we incorporated a QR Code into the NZTag system to cater for Smartphone customers.

In our eyes, when a QR Code is used by itself, it has no context. It is also impossible for a non-Smartphone customer to use the QR Code.

Our answer is a hybrid tag that provides multiple connection options for your customer.


NZTag combines a QR Code with a plain English Word into a single tag that caters for all customers whether they are using a Smartphone, Desktop PC or Tablet.

The QR Code can be scanned by Smartphone customers.

The WORD gives the QR Code some Context giving the customer a hint of what to expect when they scan the code. The word may be a Company Name, Brand or product-related term. You choose.

The Frame is designed for easy visual recognition and contains instructions for the user.

The WORD provides a quick and easy alternative method of connecting to the target website for Desktop, Tablet and non-Smartphone customers.

 Putting it all together

By combining NZTag with goMobi we can deliver a seamless end-to-end mobile web experience for your Smartphone customers.

Take full advantage of the computing power in your customer’s hand, contact us to see how we can Mobilize Your Business Today.