NZTag – the smart way to connect

About NZTag

NZTag combines a Word with a QR Code (a type of barcode)

NZTag makes it easy for mobile customers to connect with you. Smartphones have many free barcode scanning Apps available. These Apps read the QR Code on the NZTag.

Your NZTag Word is easy to remember. A Word sticks in the mind a lot easier than a URL. Customers who are unable to scan the QR Code can instead use your WORD to connect to your target website by following the simple instructions on the tag. Both of these methods provide an alternative to typing in long, error-prone website addresses on the tiny mobile phone keyboard.

How does it work?

When you register your NZTag Word it is yours to use NZ-wide. We create the NZTag images for you. You use them on your vehicle and print advertising. We’ve found that Car Magnets are a simple and convenient way to use your NZTag Word alongside your website address. Also perfect for Fridge Magnets, Stickers and Product Packaging.

You can alter the destination webpage of your NZTag at any time. Changes take effect immediately making it suitable for both one-off and rolling promotions.

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Why NZTag?

How did it get to this?

The URL system dates from the early days of the Internet. A place largely inhabited by geeks, researchers and others of that ilk. Before mobile, before smartphones, before broadband and WiFi. Back then the URL system was designed to make it easier to navigate the Internet.

We see them everywhere. URLs  are used on our vehicle advertising, posters, billboards, print advertising and packaging.

It’s great to see so many vehicles around town these days with a URL on them. It shows that businesses of all sizes have seen the future and their message to customers is…

  • We are Contactable … here’s our website address
  • Visit our site to find out more about our Products and Services
  • You can Contact Us and Find Us easily … our website has the details
Smart businesses recognise the importance of having a website and being on the Internet. However, there is one problem with URLs.

URLs are not People-Friendly !

They are hard to Remember, hard to Type, hard to Write Down especially when you only see them for short time on a passing vehicle or at the lights.

Like a lot of customers, our Smartphone is always with us. We use our phones to help us with our daily work activites. After work our smartphone becomes a social tool. When we see something of interest we use our phones to find out more. We want it to be fast and easy.

We don’t like typing in long URLs on our smartphone and neither do our Customers!
So we did something about it