Your 5-Step plan for going Mobile

In February last year, Google hosted a webinar called, “Think Mobile.” Included was a “wake-up call” to businesses about going mobile and what steps they should take to get there. For example, they noted that approximately 15% of all Web traffic now is mobile. That means not having a mobile site is like closing your website one day each week.

They then outlined a five-step program that businesses should follow for going mobile. Those five steps proved to be a strong validation of the philosophy behind the award-winning goMobi service. The five steps Google outlined during the webinar are:

    • Build a mobile-specific site. (Three statements of importance: “Be prepared to let go of your desktop content.” “Build something and get it out there.” “Don’t spend forever doing it.” Those three statements are at the core of why we designed goMobi to work the way we did.)
    • Build local. Your mobile site should have local in mind since one-third of mobile searches have “local intent.”
    • Make it personal. Harness the personal aspects of mobile.
    • Track independently. Make sure that you track activity on the mobile site separately from your desktop website.
    • Iterate. Keep tweaking the site as you learn how people use it.

goMobi follows these same steps in helping small businesses create dynamic, valuable mobile websites. goMobi is a total solution, delivering a complete mobile website in mere minutes using existing Web content while delivering the best user experience possible, just as Google outlined it in their webinar. goMobi lets you:

    • Build a mobile-specific site with information for on-the-go users and mobile-friendly features to help book more business.
    • Build local with maps, business hours, coupons and reservations to encourage in-person visits.
    • Make it personal by maintaining consistent branding for your business as well as stimulating word-of-mouth with links to social media.
    • Track activity on the mobile site separately from your desktop website using Google Analytics.
    • Iterate — and reiterate — your site content as often as you like while you test what will best drive additional business for you.

At GeekStuff Ltd we specialise in goMobi and Mobile Web solutions. Give us a call to find out what goMobi can do for your business from just $12.50 per month.